Veni, vidi, vinum… after the first glass

coffee-breakitalian-wineBatíso (Baptism) or Primo Amore (First Love)... No matter at what age it happens, after the first drop or glass of wine life will never be the same again… it will be much better! And, over the years, or rather, the glasses, we start to mix wine and words that will end in exalting phrases to the nectar of Bacchus, making clear the strong cultural bond that we have with wine. This link may start very early in life, as explained on the label of the Prosecco Sparkling Batíso.

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The little bird in the church

coffee breakchurchWell done! So, in our Coffee Break, Pierino takes the place of the beloved and unpredictable Joãozinho (Brazil) or Little Johnny (EUA), famous by their embarrassing questions and straightforward thinking. Parrots, drunkards and many others are often the target of jokes; not mentioning the Italians who, in this case, are always the most clever, and the carabinieri [cops] who impersonate our dear portug– I leave to you to imagine! Continue reading

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Coffee Break… make me a coffee, please?

coffee break


– a coffee = €3.00
– a coffee, please = €2.00
…good morning, may I have a coffee, please? = €1.00

It’s time for a coffee break! Traducitalia intends to display in this space a bit of the cheerfulness that is part of the Italian’s life. We pick these pearls up everywhere… in the streets, restaurants, supermarkets, in our friend’s houses or on the media. Anyway, it happens often, and just a coffee break is enough to set off a very good time.

Thus, Coffee break means a time of casualness, and the beverage here is already served with a curiosity: the caffè sospeso [pending coffee] a Neapolitan tradition. When ordering a pending coffee, the customer gets a coffee and pays for two, leaving the second one as a gift for anyone who will come to it. Continue reading

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Ahhh… Italy!

cofee-breakeu-amo-a-itáliaAfter a short period “off the air”, I chose a Perennial Plate’s video to mark our return. It’s a cool video considering that in a bit over four minutes it shows with objectivity 10 things we love about Italy… and everything else. Food predominates in this video, but at the end we have a hint of the said everything else that makes the peninsula so special. Even if it is a short video, it makes awake inside us that “desire of Italy” that some of us has in a latent form. Continue reading

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