The strength for a new beginning


Tornado in Italy – Cazzago di Pianiga

I have always admired the strength the Italian people have to restart. History shows us many of these occasions. Wars, earthquakes, tornadoes. In an instant everything is on the ground and on the following minute they join forces to rebuild, clean, and restart. There isn’t even time for tears. There is only time to act. I have always seen this from far away and I was always impressed with the Italian’s capacity to recover; only could not imagine that I would live one such moment in Italy. A tornado arrived, and it was in a matter of minutes that I have seen myself before one of the most devastating moments that I have already lived, and soon after witness the strength that I have always admired in them.

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Reinventing myself in an Italian version


                                                                     (Image taken from the Internet)

Start, or restart? Is it a new version or simply a replay of situations and facts? Whatever it is, the truth is that: while cycles end and pages are turned, others cycles begin and a new page starts to be written, or rewritten. That’s life…that starts with the dawn of each day. And so, we die and are reborn, even if carrying baggage of experiences already lived and within it our way of being, which is unique. Continue reading

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Traducitalia is changing

Hi, folks! Today Traducitalia starts a new phase. Some ideas popped up and new projects are about to come. This transition will take place gradually because not only Traducitalia changes, I’m moving too. Not only from my current home or city, but also for another country. In the post untitled Ahhh… Italy! which was published close to a year ago, I wrote: where there is a strong desire certainty there will be repeated thoughts. Issued to the Universe through vibrations they generate power. The stronger the desire the more power it will contain. As the Upanishads, Hindu religious text collection, say: Continue reading

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Nutella turns 50


(Photo by Arek Olek/Flickr-Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.0) Licence)

It is Nutella’s Birthday. The hazelnut spread cream, Ferrero’s flagship, is turning 50. Made in Italy, Nutella is popular in 75 countries and still keeps its original formula a secret. For the occasion, the Italian Post Office issued a 70 cent stamp. Today, May 17, in Alba (Piemonte), where the first jar of Nutella was born, the celebrations begin with the World Nutella Day. In scheduling are itinerant shows, live music and… lots of Nutella. The party continues on Sunday, 18, in Naples and worldwide. In New York, for example, Nuttella Bar will open, belonging to the Eataly Restaurant chain. Continue reading

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SPECIAL: Ayrton Senna Tribute – 1994/2014


Poster for promotion of the event Ayrton Senna Tribute at Imola.

«Legends never die.
And, there are only a few, very few Formula One drivers that over
the time were raised to true legend, leaving behind them a crowd of fans who never ever get tired of celebrating them.
One of these drivers is called Ayrton Senna.» La Repubblica.  Continue reading

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Sorry for the inconvenience. We are changing Brazil.

sorry-for-the-inconvenience-we-are-changing-Brazil.Sorry for the inconvenience. We are changing Brazil. Sorry also for the lack of posts, but among other duties, I also went to the streets to help change Brazil. After receiving several messages from Italian friends, who were seeking to understand the last news from Brazil, I decided to write this post. After being out on the streets, I can answer their concerns saying that there is a huge difference between what really happens and the information that comes along. In my opinion, this difference results from a failure in clarifying the facts. Continue reading

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Senna will never be forgotten

Photo F029i - Gran Turismo 6

(Photo Ferino Design/Flickr-Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.0) Licence)

Senna will never be forgotten. Since 19 years ago, May 1st [Labour Day in Brazil and in Italy], is no longer only a workers’ holiday. It has been marked by a  huge feeling of nostalgia for our greatest idol: Ayrton Senna. The passion for Ayrton can be shared at the website, address published recently by McLaren to honor the Brazilian driver. Navigating the special page titled “Memories of Senna” we find tributes made by fans all around the world and a video with the story of the MP4-4, the car in which Senna won the first of his three world titles. Ayrton Senna drove for McLaren between 1988 and 1993, winning three world championships (1988, 1990 and 1981). Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Torreglia (PD) – Photo published by the Comune deTorreglia [Torreglia City council]

It’s Christmas and another year is ending. In 2012 I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted to because it was a very busy year, but it is all in the past now and the most important thing is that the light f`t been turned off. Dreams, passion and all those things which are truthful and have always been truth have remained and will be here forever. Soon 2013 will arrive. For sure the universe will move for us, all we need to do is believe in it. Continue reading

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It’s a party day in Torreglia!

the-fall-festival-and-fairTorreglia is in my heart. It’s the place where my great-grandparents were born and lived, Valentino Fasolato and Elvira Pressato, both emigrated to Brazil in the late eighties. I always feel a strong emotion when arriving at Torreglia, it seems as each visit is the first one. Torreglia is special to me and I really would like to go to its party… it’s a pity! But, for all those who are closer this is a great opportunity to know lovely Torreglia, situated at the foot of Colli Euganei [Euganean Hills]. The Fall Festival and Fair start today 19th, at 7 pm, at the Square of the Theatre “La Perla”, with the opening of the stand gourmet and live music. Hooray Torreglia…hope the party is a success! Continue reading

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I love Torreglia…what about you?

I love Torreglia… what about you? The only answer I can give to this question asked in the Facebook page dedicated to the party that now runs the town of Torreglia is: I also love Torreglia, and reading the news that, at this time of crisis, the mayor and his advisers have decided to cut their own wages, I feel proud of being a torreglian descendent. “A way to help the families in need”, they explain in the newspaper Gazzettino di Padova, on July 7. Continue reading

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