Italy is magical!

burano-italyTo walk by Italy streets makes me feel in a History book. It’s a very beautiful, illustrated, colorful edition. Every corner of Italy tells us something. The walls whisper, you can hear them if you’re quiet enough. Italy is completely alive, from the flowers to the bricks. Italy is magical! Italy shouldn’t be seen only with the eyes, but also with the heart and soul. Italy has unique scents, feelings, tastes and sounds. Italy is art, literature, cinema, architecture, the blend of all colors. It’s also the smells of the cappuccino and the pizza, the taste of wine, the flowered windows, the sound of the accordion which paralyzes me in the middle of the street when it plays O Sole Mio o Girl from Ipanema. Continue reading

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April 25: Freedom Celebration Day

«A slave who has no consciousness of being a slave
and does nothing to be free is truly a slave. But, a slave who is conscious
of being a slave and fight for his freedom is no longer a slave,
but a free man.» Vladimir Lenin.


April 25 – Freedom Celebration Day (Photo by Paul Barker Hemings/Flickr-Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-SA 2.0) Licence)

The freedom of a nation is built and strengthened every day. It cannot be made and put aside for use when and how you want. It cannot be promptly purchased. Conquering freedom and keeping it is a hard work, for which persistence and constant vigil are required. April 25, 1945 indicates the beginning of the Italian struggle for freedom… not the end. A freedom started by the partisans, by the civil citizens, by all those who wished to see Italy free of the Nazi fascist occupation. The first battle was won, fascism was defeated and Italy was freed. Continue reading

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