Ma cosa dici? Italian tips

ma cosa dicien

Ma cosa dici? A word, an expression, a song… there is no salvation. Italian has completely won us over and we surrendered to it, happily. Let the proverbs, the curiosities, the idiomatic expressions come. For Italian, we commit the most common mistake, so let come also some tips on how to avoid them. After all, nothing can shake this relation.

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They, the precious… words

italian-languageWords, words, words… Beautiful, or not so beautiful. Words of greeting, joy, dissatisfaction, offense, fun. Small or very large ones. In Italian as in the other languages, there are an infinity of them, and each one, in its way, is precious. They teach us, cause us to reflect, change us. The power of the words is unquestionable. They create, build and.. kill. They characterize a nation and go beyond its boundaries.

Words fly and, many times, they are adopted in foreign lands. In this way, they cause us a nice surprise when something familiar catches our eyes in a foreign country, like gelato italiano (Italian ice cream), written among the store signs in China or Riviera dei Fiori, which give the name to an apartment complex in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading

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Confirmed: Italian is the most beautiful language.


                                                                                                          (Photo taken from the Internet)

It’s confirmed: Italian is the most beautiful language in the world! The confirmation, however, has not arrived from the American continent, (see link) but from the Asian world. According to Elaph, the first daily Arab independent online newspaper, Italian really is the most beautiful language. This conclusion was made by Sarah al-Shamali, journalist from Elaph who made a personkeep-calm-and-parla-italianoal analysis of the most known languages. Although there are about 6.7 thousand living languages worldwide, according to statistics from the Unesco, Sarah al-Shalani’s comparison took into consideration English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hebrew. Arabic and Chinese, among others.

The Elaph’s journalist evaluated the sonority, structure, versatility and use of the idioms concluding that the Italian language is far more beautiful. According to her, Italian is the best language because it has a strong expressiveness and eloquence. Continue reading

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A year dedicated to Dante and to Italian immigration

What would happen to Dante Alighieri if he tried to publish Hell today? Would he also be considered politically incorrect for sending Muhammad to Hell? Would his work be considered offensive and he labeled as homophobic? Would we be here discussing what is considered the greatest work written in Italian and one of the greatest masterpieces of literature in the world, which is the Divine Comedy, or simply, would we decide that Dante should make changes in his writing and instead of Muhammad send… I don’t know who, or best not to say, to Hell? What would be Dante’s future if, instead of being born 750 years ago, he was living in the present time?

Eugène Ferdinand Victor Delacroix 006

Dante and Virgil in Hell (Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain)

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Italian is the most beautiful language in the world

« Italian is the most beautiful language in the world. » If I had said this sentence in here, probably, as has happened before, someone would write me a message kindly asking: «It seems to me that you’re exaggerating a little bit, don’t you think so?» And I must answer that I really am not. Italian is surely the most beautiful and seductive language in the world. So, I sought reinforcement on the words of the American writer Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-seller “Eat, Pray, Love”. Gilbert doesn’t simply make this statement, but also explains why Italian is the most beautiful language. Continue reading

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