Candy or coal? …Waiting for Befana

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Candy or coal? What will Befana bring you this night? Ok, you claim that you behaved good, so, keep calm, certainly you will have sweets, candies or, who knows, adorable small gifts. But, if you have behaved as a naughty bola befana: quest'anno solo carbone!"y, wait and see, this year you’ll only have coal! I’m sure that inside my socks I’ll get many nice surprises… Mmmm, really? The charismatic old woman is always anxiously awaited by children in Italy. Upon her broom, she will cross the sky during the early hours of January 6 carrying a basket full of sweets and candies. As for tradition, the Epiphany, with the arrival of Befana who brings gifts to children, closes the Christmas period and the New Year parties. Continue reading

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Chiara in Padua – an extraordinary concert


Chiara performs at Geox Theater in Padua

An extraordinary concert! This is how I felt about Chiara Galiazzo’s presentation yesterday, May 9, at the Geox Theater, in Padua. Singing at her hometown, Chiara had the massive presence of her fans, and from this to the theater was involved in a special, almost magical, atmosphere, nothing else was missing. The exchange of energy between the singer and her audience was evident. Each of the songs featured carried the emotion contained in the beautiful, captivating and unmistakable voice of Chiara that has filled the Geox with her talent. A perfect evening, an extraordinary performance by Chiara! Continue reading

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Accordion 2 – The Return

Who does not remember the classic “The Lady and the Tramp”, which appears on the American Film Institute list of the American cinema’s top 100 greatest love stories? In the memorable dinner episode at the Italian restaurant, the romantic feel under the sound of This is the night is created by an accordion and a viola. Unforgettable, isn’t it? That’s right; the 1955 film was carried out in the period that marked the accordion boom. Two years before Italy registered an exporting record: 200 thousand instruments. Continue reading

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«Leave the accordions alone»


(Photo by Mark Roy/Flickr-Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.0 ) Licence)

Suddenly a melody fills the air, changing the passerby’s routine. Immediately I feel myself attracted by this sound (I feel as if I was a cobra, at the sound of the Indian’s flute). The moment I listen to it from far away all I can do is going in its direction. It bewitches me, changes my path and I feel myself paralyzed in front of the street performer… yes, I’m talking about the sound of the accordion. It cheers us up, lightening the stress. The accordion musicians characterize Italy, and many of them are really good. Therefore, I would like to leave this call: Italy, stimulate those musicians; what they do is wonderful and must be preserved. Continue reading

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SPECIAL April 25: two years of Traducitalia

special-april-25It’s party time in Italy. We are going to take a break from the posts about Torreglia to celebrate the 69th anniversary of Liberation Day and the second year of Traducitalia. So, we dedicate this 25th of April to the memory of the Partisans: peasants, workers, scholars, women, men, children, people who, wielding guns, fought on the hills against the Nazi fascism, rescuing Italy from twenty years of fascist dictatorship. Continue reading

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Carnival of Venice – wonder and nature

carnival-of-venice-2014Being in Venice during the carnival is a unique experience. There is no comparison. It´s like waking up and realizing that you are in piazza San Marco [St. Mark’s square] in the eighteenth century. The world changes outside and inside you. The wonder of the costumes, the colors, the fabrics, the velvet softness, the golden sparkles and the mystery… ah, the mystery! hidden in the eyes, behind the masks… that’s carnival and I cannot help but remind me of the beauty and magic I’ve lived in Venice. The theme this year is «Wonder and Fantasy Nature», the carnival of fairy tale linked to nature which investigates the relationship between man and environment: forest, valleys, seas, mountains, lagoons and the mysterious creatures that inhabit them. Venice, for sure, is having a fabulous, amazing carnival. Continue reading

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Tiziano Ferro: our «gratest gift»

tiziano-ferroNothing like Tiziano Ferro to wake Traducitalia up. And, this is not because «I’ve met his sweet smile that bewilders me»,  (it does a little, I confess) but because he is one of the most-loved Italian singer in and out of Italy. About Tiziano, we all (or almost all) agree: his unmistakable, warm voice, and his captivating presence always touch us, he feels just like Italy and easily takes our heart hostage. Continue reading

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Chiara, Michielin, Ron… welcome to Rio!


                                                                               (photo from Chiara Galiazzo)

A little over a month ago, I wrote a post about Chiara Galiazzo, the most recent revelation of the Italian music. Today, we are pleased about having her here in Rio, along with Francesca Michielin, Ron, Zero Assoluto and Francesco Renga among others who will follow the World Youth Day with their songs. The musical event that is part of a large religious, artistic and cultural programming, begins shortly, from 18h15min (Brazilian time) at the Maracanãzinho Gym. It’s worth having a look! For those who have no chance to be there, Rai 1 will dedicate to the event a series of specials that is going on air from today, the 24th, until next Friday. Continue reading

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Chiara Galiazzo or Simply Chiara

Chiara Galiazzo or simply Chiara. Watch out for this name, because surely it will be among the most famous of the Italian music. I listened to Chiara for the first time during the Sanremo Festival this year. She won me over immediately with the song Il futuro che sarà [What the future holds], which also gifts us with the sound of an accordion (I go crazy for accordion when the song played is Italian or some Brazilian like Girl from Ipanema). In 2012, Chiara won the sixth X-Factor Edition with the song Due Respiri [Two breaths], with lyrics by Luca Chiaravalli and Saverio Grandi and music by Eros Ramazzotti. The victory granted her a contract with Sony Music and her first single. Continue reading

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APRIL 25 – liberation day and Traducitalia’s first year

It was a difficult year, of change, but not without hope. A year in which I wanted to write more, to devote more to Traducitalia, instead, I wrote very little. Even before lots of difficulties, I have not completely abandoned it. Let’s comfort ourselves. Traducitalia was born in a year that soon after revealing to become very unusual. Posts were written in the small hours, time stolen from the rest. But, Italian blood runs through my veins and an Italian never gives up. In this way, Traducitalia celebrates its first year. Continue reading

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