Italy discovers Talian

Italy. little by little, begins to discover a Veneto parallel and similar to the Italian Veneto, however, located thousand of kilometers overseas. The language Ph.D, Giorgia Miazzo, is providing this encounter through her two books Scoprendo il Talian (Discovering Talian) and Cantando in Talian (Singing in Talian) published by Artistica Bassano. This way, the Talian language, born in Brazil, has been led to the Italian towns in the Veneto region, causing them to recognize themselves in Brazilian territory, where the culture, tradition and language has been preserved after almost 150 years of history.


Antônio Prado, located on Serra Gaúcha is considered the most Italian city in Brazil (Photo taken from Internet)

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Monica’s Gang worldwide


Monica’s Gang (Image found on the Internet. Characters and images are copyright © Mauricio de Sousa Produções and they were used by Traducitalia exclusively for information and propagation.)

Monica, Maggy, Jimmy Five…wait a minute,  if not for Monica it was impossible to think that Jimmy Five is that nice Monica’s friend which has difficulty in pronouncing his r’s. But, in fact, it’s really him. Jimmy Five is Cebolinha, as he is known in Brazil o Cipollino, in Italy. Smudge, despite the written difference, has maintained the same meaning which describes very well his main characteristic of hating water and never taking a bath or… a shower. The comics, everybody knows, are really enjoyable, but finding them in English or in Italian… it’s priceless. A great success in Brazil, Mauricio de Sousa’s work became known outside of its original country through comics and serialized stories. Monica’s Gang, in English; La Banda di Monica, in Italian or A Turma da Mônica, in Portuguese. Continue reading

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