Candy or coal? …Waiting for Befana

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Candy or coal? What will Befana bring you this night? Ok, you claim that you behaved good, so, keep calm, certainly you will have sweets, candies or, who knows, adorable small gifts. But, if you have behaved as a naughty bola befana: quest'anno solo carbone!"y, wait and see, this year you’ll only have coal! I’m sure that inside my socks I’ll get many nice surprises… Mmmm, really? The charismatic old woman is always anxiously awaited by children in Italy. Upon her broom, she will cross the sky during the early hours of January 6 carrying a basket full of sweets and candies. As for tradition, the Epiphany, with the arrival of Befana who brings gifts to children, closes the Christmas period and the New Year parties. Continue reading

Veni, vidi, vinum… after the first glass

coffee-breakitalian-wineBatíso (Baptism) or Primo Amore (First Love)... No matter at what age it happens, after the first drop or glass of wine life will never be the same again… it will be much better! And, over the years, or rather, the glasses, we start to mix wine and words that will end in exalting phrases to the nectar of Bacchus, making clear the strong cultural bond that we have with wine. This link may start very early in life, as explained on the label of the Prosecco Sparkling Batíso.

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Ma cosa dici? Italian tips

ma cosa dicien

Ma cosa dici? A word, an expression, a song… there is no salvation. Italian has completely won us over and we surrendered to it, happily. Let the proverbs, the curiosities, the idiomatic expressions come. For Italian, we commit the most common mistake, so let come also some tips on how to avoid them. After all, nothing can shake this relation.

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They, the precious… words

italian-languageWords, words, words… Beautiful, or not so beautiful. Words of greeting, joy, dissatisfaction, offense, fun. Small or very large ones. In Italian as in the other languages, there are an infinity of them, and each one, in its way, is precious. They teach us, cause us to reflect, change us. The power of the words is unquestionable. They create, build and.. kill. They characterize a nation and go beyond its boundaries.

Words fly and, many times, they are adopted in foreign lands. In this way, they cause us a nice surprise when something familiar catches our eyes in a foreign country, like gelato italiano (Italian ice cream), written among the store signs in China or Riviera dei Fiori, which give the name to an apartment complex in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading

“Italians” – learning with music


Singing a song, learning Italian and at the same time overcoming stereotypes is possible. To do this, simply sing the song Italians released on the occasion of the XV Week of the Italian Language in the World, held from 19 to 24 October. The song makes a roll of concepts used by foreigners to define Italians: “all mafia”, “Italians spaghetti” and “Italians mozzarella” are some of them. Italy also suffers from prejudice. When talking about Italy, summarizing the country saying that “in Italy they make pizza” and “in Italy they make spaghetti” seem to be enough. Written in a fun way to approach foreign students to the language, the song denounces the danger of these generalizations and reminds that “Italy is made up of people; each one has a name and a surname”. Continue reading

“Italian of music, music of Italian”.

week-of-the-italian-language-in-the-world“Italian of music, music of Italian”. It’s the theme of the XV Week of the Italian Language in the World which will be held from tomorrow, October, 19th, until Saturday, 24th. The event aims to promote the Italian language as the great language of classical and contemporary culture. This year, the select theme aims to enhance the link between language and music, which serves as a diffusion and learning tool. Continue reading

Italy discovers Talian

Italy. little by little, begins to discover a Veneto parallel and similar to the Italian Veneto, however, located thousand of kilometers overseas. The language Ph.D, Giorgia Miazzo, is providing this encounter through her two books Scoprendo il Talian (Discovering Talian) and Cantando in Talian (Singing in Talian) published by Artistica Bassano. This way, the Talian language, born in Brazil, has been led to the Italian towns in the Veneto region, causing them to recognize themselves in Brazilian territory, where the culture, tradition and language has been preserved after almost 150 years of history.


Antônio Prado, located on Serra Gaúcha is considered the most Italian city in Brazil (Photo taken from Internet)

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Confirmed: Italian is the most beautiful language.


                                                                                                          (Photo taken from the Internet)

It’s confirmed: Italian is the most beautiful language in the world! The confirmation, however, has not arrived from the American continent, (see link) but from the Asian world. According to Elaph, the first daily Arab independent online newspaper, Italian really is the most beautiful language. This conclusion was made by Sarah al-Shamali, journalist from Elaph who made a personkeep-calm-and-parla-italianoal analysis of the most known languages. Although there are about 6.7 thousand living languages worldwide, according to statistics from the Unesco, Sarah al-Shalani’s comparison took into consideration English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hebrew. Arabic and Chinese, among others.

The Elaph’s journalist evaluated the sonority, structure, versatility and use of the idioms concluding that the Italian language is far more beautiful. According to her, Italian is the best language because it has a strong expressiveness and eloquence. Continue reading

The strength for a new beginning


Tornado in Italy – Cazzago di Pianiga

I have always admired the strength the Italian people have to restart. History shows us many of these occasions. Wars, earthquakes, tornadoes. In an instant everything is on the ground and on the following minute they join forces to rebuild, clean, and restart. There isn’t even time for tears. There is only time to act. I have always seen this from far away and I was always impressed with the Italian’s capacity to recover; only could not imagine that I would live one such moment in Italy. A tornado arrived, and it was in a matter of minutes that I have seen myself before one of the most devastating moments that I have already lived, and soon after witness the strength that I have always admired in them.

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