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Without dreams, we lose our identity. Without passions, we lose our reference. One day, I felt the need to listen to my heart and asked about my dreams. Where the hell I’ve put them? They were in a tiny corner, forgotten. It seems that they were so feeble and today they give me the strength. Recovered the dreams, the passions were also relight; among them the one for translation and that one for Italy.

Translate is to mix ideas and feelings, is to adapt yourself, to untie knots, challenge yourself, to feel sometimes on the edge of a cliff. Each translation is a unique “adventure”. On the other hand, there is also the passion for the Italian language that takes me, a lot of times, to come across interesting and curious things related to Italy.

As a journalist, translator and Italian language and culture lover, the wish to put everything in a sole package or why not to say, put my foot in this boot (everyone knows that Italy has the shape of a boot) arose inside me.

This desire brought about Traducitalia, the combination of the passions for translation and for Italy, a touching point between the language and the culture of the bel paese, and a meeting point between people who share the same interest. Put on the boot and let’s take a walk together; it will happen to stop to see some beautiful places, to listen to some music, to behold some masterpiece or simply to discover interesting things or to laugh at an Italian joke.

Traducitalia is, therefore, the way I’ve found to translate the huge affection I nurture for Italy, its culture, its people, the most beautiful and sounding language in the world and for my friends that live there. Traducitalia is also a way to grow. I feel brave to do so. I will be subject to errors, so criticisms and suggestions that could contribute to the development of my work and of the blog are always welcome.

Let’s go!

About me


Hi! I’m Rosangela Fasolato, a journalist, a freelancer translator and… crazy about Italy.

Fasolato is a Venetian family name of the Padova region. My great grandparents were born and married in Torreglia, a very beautiful place at the foot of Colli Euganei. Like many other peasants, in the end of the 1800’, they emigrated to Brazil, but they never had the possibility to go back to their country. For this reason, I believe, I have this desire for Italy inside of me.

I’m Brazilian by birth and Italian by heart. My ideal world would be the one without borders and social inequality – a dream, I know. But, as we can’t live only of dreams, it is best to build a possible reality that gives meaning to our lives and, at this point, we can add what we are, do, seek and, of course, what we love.

I was born in Juiz de Fora, where I graduated in Social Communication with Specialization in Journalism. For four years, I lived in England (Oxford), where I got an English Certificate from the Cambridge University and… a son. I divided three others years between the United States and Italy, where I got an Italian Certificate from Ca’ Foscari University and… great friends. You hoped it was another child, right? But no, my second son was born in Rio de Janeiro, where I’ve lived for twenty years long. To follow the growing of the best workmanship I managed to carry out in my life, named Renan and Élder, I changed the journalism of which I have enormous longing, to work with translations, my other great passion.

Over the years, my translation work has been based on reading, research and mistrust on what I read, and I will continue to do so on and on. As Millôr Fernandes, a journalist, writer, cartoonist and Brazilian translator said, “The mistrust on everything I read – and most of all about everything I see, feel, smell and touch is what made me an acceptable translator.”

I’m grateful to all those who, in some way, gave me advice, suggestions, information and, above all, personal support to make this blog real… to all who have reached out to me and have welcomed me in Italy in special the families Facchin, Fasolato and Zanotto.  All of you are in my heart!

I’m also grateful to all those who go along with me more effectively in making this blog: my sons Élder e Renan Fasolato Basílio, and my dear friend Stefano Zannotto.

Thank you so much to Paolo Zanotto and his family for the help and friendship. A special hug to papa’ (as in a loving way I call him) Giuseppe Fasolato, for all that wine, knowing how much I like it, he has poured into my glass during the meals that I have had with him and his family and for all bananas that he bought me trying to make me feel at home during the time I lived in Italy. I really was at home papa’! :)  A hug also to Arnaldo Facchin for his friendship. I hope to come back again to the grape harvest among yours. I expect also that the peacock has already managed to recover all its lost feathers that now are adorning my room. I will always be grateful to all.

A special thank you to you, dad, Edmar Esterci de Oliveira, and to you, mom, Juracy Fasolato de Oliveira. God could not have given me better parents. I love you two so much!

I dedicate this blog to Valentino Fasolato e Elvira Pressato (my great grandparents, it was them that started all of it) and to my grandparents, João e Josefina Fasolato and Theodorico e Regina Esterci, in Memoriam.

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