About me


I am Rosangela Fasolato,
a freelance translator
and journalist,
and this is my site.


Welcome to my world!


“I love the challenge of finding the right word.”

Writing is my lifelong passion. Pursuing it, I got my bachelor in social communication and a post-graduate specialization in Journalism. After that, I worked as a reporter in daily newspapers and as a journalist in press offices of two City Halls in Brazil. I also made projects for magazines and newsletters such as the Coca-Cola Employee’s Association newsletter, and the Minas Gerais Theatre Association, both in Brazil. However, in 2008, inadvertently, I was attracted to the dark side of the force. Having Portuguese as my target language, I started my career as a translator. In short, when the challenge is to write I have the Force… I mean, I feel strong and encouraged.

Living in different countries allowed me to deepen the knowledge of the Portuguese, Italian and English languages and brought more quality to my works. First of all, Brazil is my birth place, where I studied and lived for a big chunk of my life. In 1991, I moved to Oxford, in England, where I lived for four years. After that, in 2006, I went to Ann Arbor, USA, and I spent a year and a half there. But it was in 2014, that I made a dream into reality. I came to live in Italy. In the luggage, I bought my experience in journalism and translation, willingness to stay and happiness for taking my dream out of the drawer. Now, I’m adding to it more knowledge in digital marketing and web design.

Well, as a journalist, I’ll bring strength to your team writing articles to specialized magazines, web sites, newsletters. In short, the imagination is yours. Want to improve or update the articles on your site? Do you want quality content that capture the reader’s attention? Or a precise work that involves research and has a lot of information? If the answer is yes, get in touch!

Translation is a spell.


Saint Jerome by Caravaggio (1605-6). Source: Wikipedia

Translation is a spell against which even the saints could not protect themselves. St, Jerome, in 382, was seduced by the fascination of words. Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus translated from the original manuscripts into Latin nothing less than the Bible. Jerome argued about the need to convey not only the sense of the words, but also the feeling of the Sacred Scripture. “Even the order of the words is a mystery and for this reason we need touch its heart” he said. If he, a saint, could not resist the translation siren’s song, what about me, a poor mortal being. It required 15 years of work to make the Bible accessible to the people, after which St. Jerome became, deservedly, the translator’s holy protector.

So, translating is an art, and I believe in St. Jerome. The sense of the words goes arm-in-arm with what is within the work. Whether it is a literary work, a user’s guide or a hospital record, we must adapt ourselves. Only by using the language correctly and treating properly the document we have in our hand, we can make it comprehensible in the target language. We need to allow ourselves to be transported to reach the document right shape although keeping in control to achieve the desired goal.

If you want a correct and reliable work, there is no need to pray to the patron saints of impossible causes… just contact me!