Wine, vidi, vinci… after the first glass


Batìso (Baptism) o Primo Amore (First Love), no matter at what age it happens, after the first drop or glass of wine life will never be the same. In fact, it will be much better! And, over the years, or rather, the glasses, we start to mix wine and words which end up in exalting phrases to this nectar of Bacchus. It’s clear that we have a strong cultural bond with the God of wine, that started very early in life. On the label of the Prosecco Batìso we can read the explanation.

“Tradition says, after baptism in the church, the boys would be taken by the “sàntolo”, the newborn’s godfather, or by his grandfather to the tavern, to “initiate” him to the authentic passion for wine bathing his lips with two drops of prosecco”.  In this way, they tried to ward off the ‘risk’ of the boy growing up a non-drinker. Thus, is born the indissoluble bond between Italians and wine. From then on, together they overcome all the storms of life… Vinum, vidi, vinci!


…When I die, I want to be cremated…          …nope! I want to be buried.. And you, Toni?                    …Well, considering all the wine I’ve drunk, I’m going be bottled!! 

Di… vine moment

Everybody knows the wonders wine, drunk in moderation, can bring to our lives. It’s good for the heart, prolongs life, increases happiness. The list is long, as is the number of sites which teach how to pair wine with food, the different kinds of grapes, etc. Just a click and everything is within our reach. Here, however, we want to show wine funny-picture-wine-psychologyin its various moments. As an Italian, recognized for intense red jus sanguines, I also share this cultural bond with wine. It wasn’t my grandfather who started me after the baptism. My mother made sure I was not in danger of becoming abstinent soon after I was 10 years old. The first wine we never forget!

But what happens when wine spills over the edge of the table? Well, keep calm because when it happens it simply reaches the limits of the art and the refinement of tasting. Not to mention it also enters the field of philosophy, medicine, psychology and is always evaluating the personality of Bacchus’s disciples when at last they decide whether the glass is half full or half empty.

Balanced diet

No matter if it comes with pizza, good cheese, bread, salami, meat or fish, wine is that friend of all times. whether sad or happy.  In both cases, a research from Alberta University, in Canada, found that a glass of red wine at dinner amounts to one hour of physical exercises in a gym. Some say that “a balanced diet means to have a glass of wine in each hand”. Others say that, “there is nothing better than a balanced diet accompanied by daily physical exercises”. So, it’s time to go for some practice.

But, wait, or rather, move, because it’s important to point out that wine, as explained by lead researcher Jason Dyck, improves physical  performance, by increasing heart rate and acting on muscle strength, but does not replace physical exercises.  He clarified that a high amount of the potent antioxidant resveratrol in  wine, should mainly favor people with physical disabilities, since any activity performed by these people will be enhanced by resveratrol. So, keep in mind… you can go to the happy hour but without missing physical activities. Are we clear?


Wine and Internet

“Less Internet, more Cabernet” proposes Massimo Marchiori on the cover of his book and all those who want  to keep aside the digital revolution and go back to the meeting in the pubs shouted. “Never mind if the glass is half full or half empty… keep one eye on the bottle“, advises Massimo Cavezzali (Cavez), one of the dearest Italian cartoonists. “Aren’t you ashamed of drinking, please take a break! -Nope, I already had wine, and it’s better to not mix them together“, is the answer of a cartoon character created by the Brazilian journalist and cartoonist Carlos Henrique Iotti. “If only it rained prosecco“, wishes an anonymous in Internet after weeks of raining continuously. Or yet, “Wine is the enemy of the man. Who flees away from an enemy is a coward”, concludes another anonymous.

When wine and words mixes together we have instantly a lot of fun phrases that go around in Internet. Despite the manifest “less Internet, more Cabernet”, which brings out that wine is the network’s enemy, this one does not escape from the enemy, but share a good chuckle.  So, bellow we have revealed the secret to having a good wine, be assured about the apparition of Jesus in a supermarket, get the directions to become a hero and we even get a medical prescription to cure many kinds of diseases. That’s it, wine, words and Internet, when mixed together (hic) go along painting the city red.

Check out some memorable publications below. And don’t forget: follow the proposed exercises step by step, a balanced diet and… keep one eye on the bottle.

It’s time to raise our glasses… cheers! 🥂

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