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Respect for the world of ideas – Credits page

italiano la dolce lingua

As a user of open-source content (OmegaT is my main working tool) and other content available for free on the Internet, such as photos and vectors, while I was updating Traducitalia, a constant agony tormented my mind: credits, providing recognition to those who worked, dedicated their time, created and, finally, decided to make their ideas available under licenses that are often free, even for commercial use, and with no need for attribution, that is, with total detachment. We just need to like it to use it. I think the creators get satisfaction knowing that their works were chosen among many other options on the web, that in this vastness of ideas someone noticed it, felt some kind of identification with it, or simply admire it. But, for those who use these creations, even though there is no need to attribute the author, it is a way to thank them; giving him a credit is a way of respecting the world of ideas.

Knowing that behind these beautiful images there is an author and crediting him, for me is the best way of recognition and respect. Just a small link in the corner of a photo or text and the miracle is done. In some cases, however, when it comes to small drawings or more than one photo, the credit next to the work becomes repetitive and inefficient and the link (or links) ends up not being in tune with the page. From this conflict, the idea of creating this page was born, and I believe we can only gain from it: from my side, I get the satisfaction of restraining the constant agony that tortured my mind by giving the credit that the author, and/or the websites from where the images come from, deserve; the author, as original sources, get recognition for their work, and for you, who is now reading this page, below is a source of references where you can find beautiful photos and free drawings on the Internet. What do you think? So let’s make the list:

Home – newspaper/computer: Pixabay USA-Reiseblogger

Service – puzzle: Pixabay | news: Open clipart | magnifying glass: PxHere-Free stock photos

Contact – message: Pixabay  Kreatikar


Extra! Extra! Category

Italian: Shutterstock N.Savranska (Standard license/ Unlimited web distribution) | medieval night vector: Free*SVG |creation of Adam, Michelangelo (detail): Public domain, Wikimedia Commons | Pinocchio: text of the book  Public domain Wikimedia Commons | photo trailer from Walt Disney movie, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons |Pinocchio drawing 1 and 2: Carlo Chiostri Public domain Wikimedia Commons and Wikimedia Commons drawing 3: Enrico Mazzanti Public domain Wikimedia Commons |Brazil-Portugal flag: Keepscases Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported |CPLP logo: TonYjeff GNU Free Documentation License|ritratto D.Pedro II: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 imperial crown of Brazil: Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported|pair of glasses icon: Flaticon| cherubin angels (detail): Raffaello Wikimedia Commons Public domain Mark 1.0 | Palette of colors and brushes: Shutterstock Alexander_P | coffee machine with two cups (detail): Chevanon Photography – Pexels license |illustration hands holding a cup: mohamed_hassan – Pixabay license|white feathers: Clipart-licensed under CC BY 4.0|pizza chef: Alexas_fotos –Pixabay license |immigration flyer Municpal Historian Archive is Public domain: Galeterias: serving up Italo-Gaucho heritage in the south of Brazil.|steamer illustration: Pinclipart |carnival mask: Clker-Free-Vector-Images –Pixabay license |clapper board vector: Wim b. Wikimedia Commons GNU license|witch: cocoparisienne – Pixabay license |three kings: PhilipBarrington – Openclipart |Amazonia1 mission logo: Wikimedia Commons |colosseum: Pixnio |Italy championship: Hhj Wikimedia Commons |stolen monalisa: La Domenica del Corriere Wikimedia Commons |microprocessor: John Pilge Wikipedia|covid world: BiancaVanDijk Pixabay license|love letter: Gadini – Pixabay license |Juliet’s balcony Verona: ilpaolino  – Pixabay license ||

Reading room Category

books and world vector: by Freepik|black cats: illustration 1- OpenClipart-Vectors – Pixabay license / Illustration 2- minorthreadsco –Pixabay license |kite vector: by Freepik|open and closed books vectors: by Freepik |red tulip vector: Free SVG |

Translation et cetera Category

St. Jerome writing: CaravaggioPublic domain Mark 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons|superhero with vacuum cleaner: IgorVetushko, depositphotos free image |four eggs: Public domain vectors |green egg face: Clker Free Vector Pixabay license|

Ah, remember that if the author feels that his rights have not been respected, please send me a message here, and the work will be immediately removed. For more information, visit the Privacy and Cookie Policy page.