Delivering a quality translation requires research, proper terminology and adaptation of the original text to the target language. Those three ingredients are indispensable to have as a final result a clear, natural and accurate translation. With my work I give life to a text in another language, and this is always accompanied by careful proofreading. I do believe that native language translators do the best translations ever. Convinced of this, my work is fundamentally based in translations from Italian and/or English as a source language to Brazilian Portuguese.

I love what I do, I care about it and I’ve been doing it as a freelancer for more than 10 years. I know how to mix ideas and feelings, adapt myself, undo knots, even the ones tied by sailors. By this reason, it would be great to translate for you, your publisher, your agency or for your company. Every translation is a unique adventure and I have the right skill set to offer the solutions you need.


                                       Let’s work together!


globe translation icon TRANSLATION from Italian to Brazilian Portuguese and from English to Brazilian Portuguese SECTORS: technical, editorial and mass media.

ADAPTATION of European Portuguese texts to Brazilian Portuguese. Send me a message!


journalism newspaper icon CONTENT WRITING WITH FOCUS ON JOURNALISM   ̶  articles in general written in Brazilian Portuguese for company and associations sites and blogs. Press releases, informational bulletins among others. Experience in WordPress and SEO. Contact me!


typewriter copywriter icon COPYWRITING  ̶  web content updating / re-writing, organization and optimization using SEO techniques (WordPress platform).
Tell me about it!


computer proofreading icon PROOFREADING   ̶   Texts written in Brazilian Portuguese and/or translated from Italian originals to Brazilian Portuguese and English originals to Brazilian Portuguese. Contact me!


microphone AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION   ̶   Audio transcriptions with or without translation. Available for Portuguese, Italian and English. Contact me!


other services paper clip icon OTHER TRANSLATION SERVICES  ̶   I also have experience in translation in the following fields: medical (medical and hospital records, catalogs of medical instruments etc.); technical (manuals, user guides and catalogs); international trade and document in general (curriculum vitae, diplomas, student’s records, contracts, certificates and documents for Italian citizenship). With earlier request I can also offer services of sworn translation in Italian Court. Get in touch!

*** If you have a text to translate that is not among my main specialization or not included among the experiences listed above, please, feel free to contact me so that I can evaluate them or offer you the best solution for your project, advising you another professional able to carry it out. It is free of charge!

LINGUISTIC INTERMEDIATION for visits or general activities in Padua and Venice  ̶   Do you want to have a look at these cities but do not speak Italian? Are you in Italy and have to ask for public services or go to hospitals? I can also help you by giving you good tips about nice places to visit or simply helping you when you need to communicate in Italian. Want to know more? Contact me!

HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS RESEARCH   ̶  Do you have an ancestor from the Veneto Region that (like my grandparents) immigrated in America? Would you love to know a bit more about your roots? If the answer is yes, I can help you researching about them and about your history. Just tell me about it!

PORTUGUESE PRIVATE LESSONS (PL2)  ̶  INDIVIDUAL OR SMALL GROUPS: If you would love to learn Portuguese from scratch, to improve your language skills or  if what you need is only some conversation exercises to communicate in a clear and efficient way… Contact me!


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