OmegaT – the free and open source CAT tool

OmegaT is an effective and easy-to-use computer-assisted translation tool, and to top it off, it is free and open source. It means that you will have in your hands a tool that will simplify your tasks, increase your productivity, without having to pay for it while also being able to freely modify its code according to your needs. Ahhh… I know what you are thinking about, and the answer is NO, OmegaT does not translate for you. I’m talking about a software developed precisely for professional translators, facilitating, and improving the end result of the performed work, and not about a machine translation.

Among the CAT tools available in the market, OmegaT is an alternative that is worth being tested. The program, created almost 20 years ago but constantly updated, makes it possible to translate without altering the original document’s formatting while creating translation memories (TMs), glossaries, and dictionaries. Through the automatic function that completes words, it is possible to avoid misspellings and speed up typing. The program also allows setting up files and reviewing bilingual texts, including those translated outside the CAT, as well as researching on the Internet or the computer and enables teamwork. To do this, simply set it up according to your requirements. The basic program provides English, Portuguese, and Spanish dictionaries. 

On OmegaT‘s website, we can read: “One of the most useful things OmegaT users can do is… to use OmegaT. And when they find things that don’t work, or deficiencies in the documentation, to tell us about them”. That’s it! If I managed to pique your curiosity, click here to download it. I work with OmegaT!


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