Esmeralda Grunch e a Tulipa Vermelha

Esmeralda Grunch e a Tulipa Vermelha (title in Portuguese) is an adorable story about a flower fairy and a tulip written by Debbie Manber Kupfer. Esmeralda lives in a gorgeous red tulip. They became best friends. A friendship bathed by the morning sunlight and by the grumblings of an ever-worried tulip. Debbie is a writer, lives in St. Louis, and works as a freelance puzzle constructor. Debbie is also the author of “P.A.W.S.”, “Cecilia’s tale”, and other stories for children and young people.

This is a work that small children will love. In addition to dealing with a valuable theme, friendship, the book has bright and colorful images by Tina Wijesiri. Originally written in English (Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip) the book was already translated into Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. The Portuguese edition is available from in Kindle format, and from e, in both, Kindle and paperback. Take a look and discover the mysterious world of fairies and flowers.



Source language – English

“But Esmeralda couldn’t wait. She pushed her way up through the deep red petals and out into the cool morning air. She breathed deeply and let the first rays of the sun touch her tiny gossamer wings.”

Target language – Portuguese

“Mas Esmeralda não podia esperar. Ela abriu caminho através das pétalas de vermelho intenso e saiu para o ar fresco da manhã. Respirou fundo e deixou que os primeiros raios de sol tocassem suas pequenas e delicadas asas.”

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