O homem das pipas

homem-das-pipas-book-cover-portuguese-editionhomem das pipas (title in Portuguese) tells the tale of a sensitive teenager who meets an old, solitary, wise fisherman. Luis, the old man, lives in a deserted beach. He is socially rejected, feared and laughed at due the way he lives. But to him, what people think is not important. His amusement is flying the kites he builds. Isaac, the boy, is eager to understand life. Every day he asks himself existential questions and try hard to understand people’s behavior. Thus, told by Erik Minghini, a magical encounter occur.

The author claims to live a permanent dualism between science and spirituality. He works as a chemist and has been practicing yoga for several years. O homem das pipas is his first novel. In the book’s foreword Minghini writes: “if by reading this story someone finds some point of reflection (of agreement or disagreement) I’ll be happy. I believe that activating the mind and questioning yourself is a good way of living.” He believes in life and in the growth of people making it clear through the values shown in his work.

The book was originally written in Italian (L’uomo degli aquiloni) and was already translated into Portuguese, Spanish and French. The Portuguese edition is available in Kindle format from Amazon.com.br, Amazon.com e Amazon.it. O homem das pipas is a timeless story. A book to be read at any age.


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