O fardo da formiga

fardo-da-formiga-book-coverO fardo da formiga (title in Portuguese) is a novel loosely based on a true story that occurred in 2001 in Reggio Calabria. Written by Demetrio Verbaro, the book tells us about a young man, Carlo Fante, whose life was marked by a tragic event when he was only a kid. Carlo, now thirty years old, married, and father of a four-year-old son, is hired as a gardener at the San Gregorio psychiatric institute. There he meets Filippo, Mimì, Bart and Vera, and a true friendship is born among them. Each one, though, has a heavy ache in their heart, resulting from past mistakes they carry on their shoulders as a burden like the ants do every day in their lives.

Filippo is overwhelmed by his own burden while Bart and Mimì managed to free themselves, live and reintegrate in society. Carlo falls in love with Vera and faces a difficult choice: the love for his family or the passion towards a fascinating woman. He takes this doubt with him until the last chapter of the book that has an unpredictable ending. Demetrio Verbaro was born in Reggio Calabria in 1981. Being used to the wonderful natural landscape in that Southern Italian region, he let his passion for nature show up in his book, contrasting a grayscale of pain and affliction, experienced by the characters, with the colorful Calabrian scenarios, meticulously described by him. O fardo da formiga (The burden of the ant in free English translation) tells us about friendship, acceptance, understanding, loyalty, overcoming and love. It’s a story full of empathy and twists.

Originally written in Italian (Il carico della formica), the book was already translated into Portuguese, French, Spanish and English (in progress). The Portuguese edition is available at Barnes & Nobles, Apple, Kobo and it will be soon published on Amazon.


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