O meu gato odeia Schrödinger

meu-gato-odeia-schrodinger-book-cover“I’ve shown the content to my friends, relatives, parents, cats and I tell you, it was frenetic (especially when it comes to the cat)”. O meu gato odeia Schrödinger (title in Portuguese) is a not so serious but a deep introduction to the principles of quantum physics, as defined by the author, Luca Montemagno. Inspired by his own cat, he explains in a funny way how quantum physics and the universe work. Montemagno is an engineer, lives in Naples, Italy, and has been working in information technology for more than 15 years.

After explaining why his cat hates Schrödinger (certainly all kitties do), Montemagno introduces us to several basic concepts of quantum physics. Among the terms addressed we have classical and quantum physics, space-time, relativity, Big Bang, Universe, Multiverse and Black Holes. In addition, he describes the String and Everything Theories, the Schrödinger Equation, and a universe of other subjects. All of them are explained in order to arouse the curiosity and interest to a further exploration.

Originally written in Italian and published in 2015, Il mio gatto odia Schrödinger soon reached the top position at Amazon.it in the Physics category, becoming a best-seller. Besides the Italian edition, the book was already translated into Portuguese and English (My cat hates Schrödinger). The Portuguese edition is available from Amazon.com.br, Amazon.com and Amazon.it in kindle format. Well, at this point it should be better to follow the author’s recommendations: “That’s enough for now. We’ve already spent too much time chatting. Science awaits us, I’ll see you on the other side of the mirror.“ Have a good reading!

Translating Il mio gatto odia Schrödinger to Portuguese was frenetic!


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