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OmegaT – an aid tool for translators

OmegaT is an aid tool for translators. Easy to use, it provides practical solutions that simplify work and increase productivity. It works on Windows, OSX, and GNU/Linux. It allows many format files such as DOC, HTML, PDF, and ODT (also free), among others, and assists translations in a large number of languages including non-Latin scripts and is available in multiple versions. If you are a first-time user or cannot fully master the program, OmegaT offers a quick guide showing its main features and functions. In addition, it includes a user manual that you can open on your desktop using the program’s Help command. On the Internet, we can find many guides and tutorials. In Portuguese you can find Primeiros passos no OmegaT“. 

In English,  “OmegaT for CAT beginners“. In Italian, you have a “Guida Completa a OmegaT: tecniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager“, written by Marco Cevoli and Sergio Alasia from Qabiria – Translation and Localization Agency, located in Spain.

Since it is free, open-source software and can be modified and distributed freely (with the common sense that the user license is respected), I show my appreciation to the program by helping spread it among the translator’s community is a natural approach. On OmegaT’s website, we can read: “One of the most useful things OmegaT users can do is… to use OmegaT. And when they find things that don’t work, or deficiencies in the documentation, to tell us about them”. That’s it! If I managed to pique your curiosity, click here to download it. I work with OmegaT.


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